Welcome to Par, where style meets substance, and fashion transcends boundaries. I'm Tahlia De Lucia, the visionary behind Par, my vision for Par extends beyond the realm of fashion; it's about creating a brand that embraces a world where all of us, are on Par.

At Par, we're not just a clothing brand—we're a commitment to living 'Life On Par.' Par is more than a fashion label; it's a lifestyle, a culture that blurs the lines between masculine and feminine. Our mission is to provide a cohesive range of pieces that empower both men and women to embrace their unique style.  The heart of Par—the belief that we are all on Par and equal, which inspired the name itself.

Our collections are a fusion of contemporary and urban streetwear aesthetics with holiday relaxed trims, carefully curated with quality finishes to embody the essence of modern minimalism. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to creating timeless essentials that resonate with the contemporary individual.

What sets Par apart is our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and community empowerment. We take immense pride in supporting the local community by collaborating with a small, skilled team of Balinese sewers. Working passionately from the comfort of their homes, our artisans craft each garment with precision and care, ensuring that every piece is ethically made.

As the founder, owner, and creative director of Par, I am driven by the desire to create something beyond just clothing. Par is not merely a brand; it's a movement, a celebration of individuality and self-expression. I started Par to be more than just a label that sells to friends—I wanted to create a lifestyle that speaks to a larger audience.

When you wear Par, you're embodying a piece of my personal style. I believe in perfecting the balance between casual designs and elevated finishes, ensuring that you feel effortlessly sexy and never underdressed. Par is an extension of me, and I invite you to join us on this journey of self-expression, empowerment, and embracing 'Life On Par.'

 Love Tahlia